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10 Apr


On April 5, Apricot Hotel cooperated with Da Loc Co., Ltd. to organize an internal Workshop aimed at practicing, promoting and improving the qualifications and knowledge of employees about wines.


The Workshop was a great success with the enthusiastic participation of all staff of the Bar & Restaurant department along with other related departments. This workshop not only helps all employees better understand wine, how to enjoy and preserve wine, etc., but also builds professional and polite behavior at the banquet table. The event was led by wine experts from Da Loc Co., Ltd., one of the leading companies in the premium beverage industry in Vietnam..


One of the important principles of Apricot Hotel is to nurture culture and continuous improvement. The hotel team strives to hone their skills every day, ensuring that every customer enjoys exceptional service delivered with the utmost care and dedication. The Wine Workshop is just one example of the Apricot Hotel team’s ongoing efforts to provide employees with opportunities to develop and maximize their future career skills.