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3 Feb


This Saturday, Apricot Hotel joined forces with the People’s Committee of Hang Trong Ward to kickstart the Tet Banh Chung Package initiative, aimed at bringing joy to children facing challenging circumstances within the Ward. Dozens of meticulously crafted banh chung, symbolizing prosperity and unity, were prepared by the skilled hands of Apricot Hotel’s dedicated staff, in collaboration with the People’s Committee and seasoned chefs.

The collaboration reflects Apricot Hotel’s commitment to economic and social development, aligning with their mission to contribute to the well-being of the community. By distributing these special Tet packages, Apricot Hotel endeavors to convey the powerful message that love knows no bounds, and everyone can play a role in fostering a warm and loving Tet season for children in need.

In the spirit of “To Love Is To Share,” Apricot Hotel invites the community to embrace the festive season by spreading love and generosity. This initiative exemplifies the hotel’s dedication to making a positive impact and creating a Tet celebration that transcends boundaries, making it a truly inclusive and heartwarming experience for all.