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Apricot Htel new a la carte menu
17 Jul

Apricot Hotel unveils new elegant and artistic à la carte menu

Hanoi, July 2017 – Apricot Hotel in Hanoi unveils a new artistic a la carte menu created by the recently appointed Executive Chef Nguyen Manh Tuan at its L’Artiste and Palette restaurants.

Launching in April 2017, Apricot Hotel’s new menu presents a harmonized combination of Western delights, Asian flavors and Vietnamese authentic tastes. The new artistic menu will feature daily-arrived fresh ingredients and imaginative creations from the hotel’s Chef.

Earlier this year, the appointment of Chef Nguyen Manh Tuan as Apricot Hotel’s new Executive Chef had paved way to the introduction of a brand new a la carte menu that showcases the chef’s culinary knowledge as well as the original concept of artistic fine dining at the hotel. With a strong will to offer guests a cultural journey over various continents, Chef Tuan has combined elite traditional cooking philosophy of both Western and Asian cultures to present it on the guests’ table.

The new menu reflects the signature tropical weather of Vietnam in an artistic dining experience and treats local agricultural products with respect. Fresh ingredients from local suppliers arrives within the day, secures the upper-class quality of natural taste and texture.

The highlight of this menu is 7 new chef’s recommendation dishes. The new signature dishes offer a wide range of gourmet selection from appetizer, main course to dolce choices for dessert. Your culinary journey will embark on the most authentic yet innovative Hanoi flavor of Grilled Catfish on bamboo, the famous “Cha Ca” dish, enjoyed by both locals and tourists. The dish is inspired by the unique cooking method from the mountainous region of the North of Vietnam. Moving on with highlights from Asia’s leading culinary culture, the menu features refined aromas from Korea and Japanese sophisticated marinating technique. In addition to these neighboring cultures, Chef Tuan’s passion for European cuisine has also flourished in a personal collection of innovative mixture of French, Italian and Spanish flavours in a balanced and harmonized recipes.

Lobster Bisque, a joint dish of French’s signature bisque sauce and Spanish’s traditional risotto, is already a best-seller at L’Artiste restaurant after 1 month of introduction.

Long-standing favorites are still on the menu, including the world-famous Vietnamese dish Pho, Salmon vermicelli noodle and Spring Rolls. These popular dishes have been joined by new options from Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea), America’s specialties to classic European tastes.

The afternoon treatment selection at A’telier, the hotel’s lobby lounge, will include a fresh option that puts together the flavor of Spanish spirit and artistic way of leisure: a Tapas Feast. 9 types of distinctive tapas dishes, paired with special selected Kir Royal Cocktail or fine wine, encourage guest to linger in the artistic ambience of the hotel lobby.